Domestic Employment Wanted

EXCELLENT DOMESTIC My domestic working of 20 years, seeks work for 1 - 4 days a week. Most honest, relaible, experienced, neat with above average genearal home skills. Desired area: Randpark Ridge, Northcliff, Blackheath. Desired rate: R350.00 per day. Refer to Barry 082‑331‑9299 - TY017009

JOHANNA Seeks domestic work for Monday and Thursday. Good reference available. 082‑490‑9623 - TY017046

FATIMA Requires part-time domestic work for Tues, Thurs & Fridays without accom. Has refs. 073‑986‑1230 / 083‑982‑2121 - SV005501

MILDRED Requires full-time domestic employment. Has references. 072‑425‑1502 - SV005509

NOMAZIZI CHALLOTTE seeks domestic/ childminder/ caregiver/ frail care/ office cleaner work Mon- Sat. Direct 072‑405‑9683 - SI053550

JESSIE (MWN) seeks work as a domestic full-time with accom. Ref 083 ‑894‑9435. Direct 083‑508‑3468 - SI053569

LANDILAN (MWN) seeks work as a domestic Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. Ref 082‑558‑4449. Direct 084‑454‑5859 - SI053577

VIVIAN (ZAMBIA) seeks work as a domestic Monday to Friday with accom. Ref 076‑450‑9103. Direct 061‑764‑1104 - SI053581

GLORY (MWN) seeks work as a domestic full or part-time with accom. Has references. 073‑727‑1634 / 064‑432‑8112 - SI053583

ELLA seeks domestic work Monday to Friday with accom. Has references. Direct 082‑785‑4786 - SI053587

PRECIOUS Seeks full time domestic work with accommodation. Has reference. 076‑708‑9809 - SD014866

NONHLANHLA seeks domestic/ childminder/ office cleaner work Mon to Fri. Ref 076‑718‑1593. Direct 083‑877‑5461 - SI053481

KHOSI seeks domestic/ childminder work full-time. Ref 083-348 -5911. Direct 082‑060‑2731 - SI053489

SALMINAH reliable, hardworker seeks work as a domestic full-time. Ref 076‑208‑9198. Direct 076‑917‑8118 - SI053530

OCTAVIA seeks work as a domestic Mon to Fri. Ref 072‑337‑4938. Direct 072‑337‑4938 / 064‑342‑1379 - SI053539

SIDUDUZILE seeks domestic/ childminder/ frail care/ office cleaner work Mon to Sat. Has references. 064‑005‑5561 / 078‑345‑9008 - SI053547

GERTRUDE requires full or part time domestic employment. Has references. 079‑550‑4521 - ML024994

BARBARA Is looking for a live-in domestic position, due to her employer relocating. She is kind, hardworking, reliable and trustworthy. For references please call Ria on 072‑656‑6731 Direct 078- 555-8682 or 079‑963‑6009 - LW041456

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