Pawn Stars hits South Africa

Roy 'the Boss' Peretz is the shrewd owner of the Cash Inn. He usually gets the price he wants.

It’s not staged. It’s for real.

The South African version of the global hit entertainment series is launching on 14 October this year on History- DStv channel 186.

Homemade rockets, African ritual masks, Star Trek memorabilia, Mahatma Ghandi’s stretcher, Zulu spears and diamonds abound in Pawn Stars SA.

Members of the media were treated to the first view of the cast of Pawn Stars SA at Koyama Venue in Northcliff on 18 September.

“Pawn Stars SA is a fresh and funny look at South Africa’s history through weird and unusual objects under sunny skies,” Baruch ‘Roy’ Peretz, one of the faces of Pawn Stars South Africa said.

“We meet the most interesting people and see the weirdest things. One’s garbage is another one’s treasure, and in this season we saw a lot of treasure. Some of the items in this show will give you goosebumps. It will change your perception of pawn shops.”

Set in Johannesburg, Pawn Stars South Africa is filmed in the Cash Inn Pawn Shop, where real owner Perez is assisted by his partners Liel Rimon and Eytan Nadler and assistants Irene Bower and Solly Mabasa.

South Africa’s rich and diverse culture provides a treasure-trove of fascinating artefacts – whether it’s an ancient Khoi-San hunting kit, a Boer War coin or a Pontiac Firebird, everything has a story and a price.

Roy and his team haggle with customers for the best price, aided by experts in antiquities and pop culture. A million South Africans watch the Unites States version of the show.

“I always hoped someone would walk into my shop and offer us a part in this show,” Perez admitted.

“Now that we’ve actually been chosen, I’m confident we’re going to do just as well. We had so much fun filming.”

Judging by the easy camaraderie between the team and the fascinating look at South African culure, the local version of the show will flourish as well.

“The back-room shenanigans of the pawn shop team, combined with the historical back story behind the array of artefacts create a gripping and highly entertaining journey through a nation’s hidden gems,” press officer Sanri van Wyk said.

“There’s only one guarantee on this show – expect the unexpected!”

Kirsten van Jaarsveld

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