Thulani Popoyi hacked to death in Melville

Thulani Popoyi was found dead on 5 October at the Dollar Table, a night club in Melville.

Police investigations are underway for the murder of previous Golden Lions Sevens and Pirates rugby player Thulani Popoyi who was found dead on 5 October at the Dollar Table in Melville.

Ward Councilor Amanda Forsythe confirmed that Popoyi had been found brutally murdered. He had multiple stab wounds and his chest had been hacked open.

The 29-year-old was out with his friends and disappeared after a while.

Forsythe informed that Popoyi was well-loved in the community.

“It was clearly murder because the attacker did not take anything from him – he still had his belongings on him,” she said.

“Thulani had been stabbed and there was no blood where he was found, however, one of the car guards looked inside the club and discovered a trail of blood as if someone had tried to clean it up.

“I have been trying to shut this place [Dollar Table] down since last year, because it was operating without a valid licence,”informed Forsythe.

Colin Law, Popoyi’s friend and guardian, was still in shock,

“We don’t know how it happened, But my biggest concern is that a young man lost his life. The place was operating illegally,” he said.

Brixton Police managed to arrest the club owner for not attending to the scene immediately.

Jeanette Chabalala
Metro/ Sport Journalist

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