Two officers injured, one suspect dead after Fairland Centre armed robbery

Beagle Watch responds to an armed robbery scene at Fairland Centre.

Another shopping centre robbery has left two reaction officers injured and a suspect killed after shots were exchanged between Beagle Watch and robbers in Fairland on 1 November, Beagle Watch reported.

Beagle Watch reported on its Facebook page that the shooting incident took place in the vicinity of 14th Avenue and Johannes Street, while three suspects were fleeing the scene of an armed robbery at Fairland Centre.

“One suspect was subdued and arrested, another was shot and killed…,” the security services company said on its page.

“A third suspect involved… was apprehended and arrested by our reaction officers in the park, corner Johannes Street and Maria Street, shortly after his accomplices…”

This after the reaction and Fairland Police officers gave chase.

The injured officers sustained single gunshot wounds on their left legs and remain in a stable condition at a healthcare facility in Florida, and are reportedly doing well.

Reporter Ancillar Mangena is currently in communications with the Fairland Police and Beagle Watch and will provide more details.

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