Test your alarm system regularly

Benson Mamfengu from Beagle watch says testing your alarm system reguarly is an essential part to your safety

The battle against crime is one that every citizen in the country is fighting against but it is easy to get side-tracked.

Often residents and businesses install expensive alarm systems to rule out the risk of being attacked, but regularly checking your alarm is just as important as having one in the first place.

Benson Mamfengu from Beagle Watch Security said testing your alarm system at least once a month ensures that it is functional, because if a single sensor does not work, it means there is a hole in your system that criminals can use to their advantage.

“When there is a small fault in your system, criminals can use this to break in without being detected. Make sure that the sensors in your house work and if you are not sure, test them.”

Mamfengu advises people to also test their alarms before going away or on holiday. Test your system after any service or after repair work. If someone has just been in your house, test the system as they could have easily disabled it.

  • Test your security alarm immediately after you make any modifications or any physical work on your house including replacing or rewiring.
  • After a lightning storm or power outage, test the alarm. The system may be damaged by electrical problems just as easily as it can be damaged by physical modifications.
Alice Mpholo

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