Another body found in Nortchliff

A mans body lies on the road in Northcliff.

A man’s body, believed to be a trolley man, was found at the Claire Crescent and Ethel Avenue intersection in Northcliff on 22 January.

Beagle Watch response officer Thabang Tucks, who was first on the scene, said he saw the man coughing during his (Tucks’) patrol around 9am, although he did not think much of it.

 A man was found dead in Northcliff.

A man was found dead in Northcliff.

“I was doing my morning rounds and when I saw him I did not think anything was wrong,” he said.

“But when I returned to the spot an hour later, I thought he was sleeping, but I found the man dead, he was surrounded by flies.”

Police said the man, who is believed to be in his 30s, did not have any visible wounds that might suggest foul play.

However, after finding a 2 litre bottle that contained a traditional beer, they (police) suspect that the man might have poisoned himself.

Bystanders happened to see the body as they passed by.

One bystander, who wishes to remain anonymous, said when she left for work in the morning, she saw the the man drinking with a group of friends.

The incident comes just days after a 21-year-old woman fell to her death at the Northcliff Ridge and two weeks after another trolley man’s body was found hanging from a tree in Newlands.

Jeanette Chabalala
Metro/ Sport Journalist

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