Northcliff resident Andre Botha murdered

This picture of André Botha has been circulating on social media and tributes continue to pour in.

Northcliff resident André Botha was shot and killed at his home on 11 April.

Details of the events leading up to Botha’s death are unclear as there are conflicting reports from the Fairland Police, Beagle Watch Armed Response, neighbours and emergency services that were on scene.

A neighbour, who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Botha was not murdered during a house robbery, and it was not a housebreaking, it was an armed robbery outside his house. He did not sustain two bullet wounds to the chest,[but] one in the chest and one in the abdomen.”

It was previously reported by Fairland Police Station spokesperson Constable Michael Kgatla, “It is alleged that Botha was shot in the upper body by three men who were trying to rob him during a house robbery.”

While Beagle Watch Armed Response officer Sithobeni Moyo, who was reportedly the first response vehicle on the scene said, “Botha hit the panic button after three suspects attempted to hijack a vehicle at a complex property.”

Moyo added that the deceased sustained two bullet wounds to the chest. “Botha was seriously injured and treated on the scene and transported to hospital, unfortunately he passed away,” he added.

Flora Clinic’s Darren van Zyl reported, “When we arrived, we found him outside his house, in the driveway. He was treated on scene and then later died in hospital.” He added, “It appears that it was an attempted hi-jacking. We can’t confirm how many times he was shot, we are waiting to hear from the autopsy.”

The suspects are believed to have fled the scene in a silver Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor with the registration NWS 340 GP. No arrests have been made.

The neighbour added, “The most important thing is to appeal to the public to stand together and stand up and voice our deepest sympathies to this remarkable family and legendary man, and to no longer accept that this is the norm in our country and pretend that it is not striking at the chore of our nation.”

Tributes pour in for André Botha on social media.

• Steven Unclesteve: Wells RIP André, an excellent businessman, outstanding member of the community and father. My condolences to Luke Botha and all the staff at Force Fuel. May your murderers get their justice, I know you were a God-fearing man, and may their judgment day be harsh. Go well, old chap.

• Jonathan Fairbairn: I am so sad and shocked to hear about this. We were one of the first on the scene after we heard the two gun shots. We stayed with André until the paramedics arrived. While he was laying on the pavement, he was so strong and brave. I really thought he was going to make it. To the Botha family, my heart goes out to you all, I can’t begin to imagine how you must be feeling. RIP André.

• Fhulufhelo Muleya Nemukula: I attended the scene. It was sad… the suspects are three African males driving a silver Mercedes Benz Kompressor – be on the look out.

• Selma Balikci: He was murdered for a watch and phone. How sad to lose a loved one, for nothing. A precious life has gone for nothing.

Details: Fairland Police station 011 478 9413.

Jeanette Chabalala
Metro/ Sport Journalist

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