Police urge the community not to give beggars a reason to stay

According to the police, beggars steal from motorists and harass them at traffic lights. File photo.

Linden Police plead with motorists and community members to avoid giving money to beggars at traffic lights.

The beggars take advantage and steal from motorists at intersections and even go as far as hitting their cars when they are refused money. Linden Police corporate communications officer Constable Carol Mulamu said that these beggars are the same people that steal from residents that give them money and they keep coming back to the same intersections.

Hotspots where beggars are known to rob motorists and community members are on the corners of Republic Road and Judges Avenue in Windsor East; Republic Road and Rabie Street in Fontainebleau; Paul Kruger Avenue and John Vorster Road in Radiokop;d Weltevreden Road and Beyers Naudé Drive in Cresta. Linden Police had a successful operation last year where they moved vagrants and beggars with JMPD, The Displaced People Unit, Sanca, the Department of Home Affairs, the Department of Education, the Department of Health and Social Development, but the beggars seem to be coming back.

“When the community give the beggars money, they enable and attract them, which in turn makes them comfortable to come back – these are the same people that rob the residents,” said Const Mulamu. “Help us help you, do not turn a blind eye, we all want a crime-free community,” she concluded.

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