Windsor association meeting heats up

Sergeant Orden Masupa from the Linden SAPS, Wag member Rochelle van der Ross, Wag chairperson Louise Mynhardt and CPF spokesperson Lara Bath.

The Windsor Action Group held their first meeting for 2016 on 2 February at the Windsor Recreation Centre.

Community members met with Linden SAPS Sergeant Orden Masupa and corporate communications officer Constable Carol Mulamu, Windsor Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Lara Bath and the Windsor Action Group (Wag) to voice their concerns about their community.

Various issues were brought up. Angry and emotional community members passionately spoke about their daily challenges with vagrants, overcrowding in residences, drug dealing, illegal dumping, noise levels and alleged corrupt policemen.

An fuming resident also spoke of drug dealing happening right next door to his house. He said that policemen would come and go without making any arrests. “The foreign drug dealers have the nerve to tell me that they are connected within the SAPS and that nobody can touch them,” said the resident.

Const Mulamu said that if community members feel unsafe about reporting suspected corrupt police officers, they can do it anonymously by calling the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) on 012 399 0000; the crime-line on 08600 10111 or they can SMS the anonymous tip-off line on 32211.

The CPF is also looking into talking to estate agents to sort out the issues of houses and flats with three bedrooms that have more than 10 people living in them.”That is where the drug usage and dealings happen the most,” said another angry resident. Community members are also concerned about the displaced children that are being used by drug dealers to sell drugs on the streets of Windsor.

Many issues were brought up and residents are worried that action is not being taken. The Linden SAPS, the CPF, and the Wag urged the residents to help them to get their streets clean from vagrants and drug dealers by being proactive and also by taking the initiative of creating a platform and structure for the community to work with the police.

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