Smash-and-grabber shot in the bum

The suspected smash-and-grabber is treated by paramedics, corner Judith Road and Beyers Naudé Drive. Photo supplied.

A suspected smash-and-grabber was shot and later succumbed to his wounds on 3 February.

Some of the facts are blurred between Sophiatown SAPS, Brixton SAPS and eyewitness.

According to Clive Meher of Suburban Community Policing (SCP) they arrived on scene to find the suspected smash-and-grabber lying on the street. “Apparently, the suspect attempted to smash-and-grab an unsuspecting male motorist, who then shot the suspect in the buttocks.”

Police are still investigating the incident. Photo supplied.

Police are still investigating the incident. Photo supplied.

Sophiatown spokesperson Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn said, “It was a female driver who was talking on her phone, the suspect grabbed her phone and ran.” The woman left and then apparently came back to the scene with a male colleague to find the smash-and-grabber lying on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound. WO De Bruyn confirmed that the suspect was transported to hospital and that only the smash-and-grab incident was reported to Sophiatown SAPS. He could not confirm where on the body the suspect had been shot nor who had shot him.

Brixton SAPS liaison officer Jeanette Backhoff confirmed that the initial case report was filed by Brixton SAPS but that it will be transferred to Sophiatown SAPS. Backhoff added that the suspect was treated at Helen Joseph Hospital and has since died.

The police appeal to the community to come forward with any information that they may have surrounding this incident.


Ashtyn Mackenzie

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