Road closures to accommodate walkers

The annual fan favourite, 702's Walk the Talk will take place on 24 July. Residents are warned of road closures on the day. Photo supplied.


More than 50 000 walkers will converge at Marks Parks Sports Club on 24 July during the annual 702 Walk the Talk.

The walk’s start point will be on Judith Road, and there will be three different walks with staggered starting times. The 15km race walk will start at 7am, the 8km starts at 9am and the 5km walk begins at 11am.

To ensure the safety of all walkers, residents, and motorists, a number of roads in and around Emmarentia will be closed to traffic on the day. Temporary road closures will be manned at points along the route.

The road closures will be managed to ensure minimal obstruction to traffic and roads will be re-opened as soon as the intersection is clear of walkers.

The road closures will be as follows:

4am – 1pm: Rustenburg Road from Sabie Road to 8th Avenue.

7am – 1pm: Barry Hertzog Avenue from Empire Road to Victory Road.

7am – 10am: Wits 1st Year Parking Gate from Empire Road to Station Street.

7.15am – 10.15am: Bertha Street from Jorissen Street to the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

7.15am – 10.30am: Carr Street from the Nelson Mandela Bridge to Queen Elizabeth Street.

7:15am – 10.30am: Queen Elizabeth Street from Carr Street to Jorissen Street.

7.30am – 10.30am: Jorissen Street from Station Street to Rissik Street.

7.30am – 11.00am: Joubert Street from De Korte Street to Empire Road.

8 am – 11.30am: Oxford Road from Empire Road to Victoria Avenue.

8am – 12pm: Rockridge Road from Jubilee Road to Winchester Road.

8.30am – 12.15pm: Winchester Road from Rockridge Road to Sherbourne Road.

8am – 12.15pm: Sherbourne Road from Winchester Road to Loch Avenue.

8am – 12:15pm: Loch Avenue from Jan Smuts Avenue to Westcliff Drive.

8am – 12:15pm: Westcliff Drive from Loch Avenue to The Valley Road.

8.15am – 12:15pm: Lawrence Road from The Valley Road to Hillcrest Road.

4am – 1.45pm: Umgeni Road from Barry Hertzog Avenue to Orange Road.

4am – 12:45pm: Orange Road from Judith Road to Hill Road.


4am – 2pm Judith Road from Beyers Naudé Drive to Barry Hertzog Avenue.

4am – 1pm Niger Road from Judith Road to Sabie Road.

4am – 1pm Sabie Road from Hill Road to Barry Hertzog Avenue.

4am – 1pm Rustenburg Road from Sabie Road to Carlow Road.

6.30am – 1pm Carlow Road from Rustenburg Road to Mayo Road.

8.30am – 1pm Emmarentia Road from Carlow Road to Gleneagles Road.

8.30am – 1pm Gleneagles Road from Donegal Road to Geers Avenue.

8.30am – 1pm Geers Avenue from Gleneagles Road to Haven Road.

8.30am – 1pm Haven Road from Geers Avenue to Hoylake Road.

8:30am – 1pm Hoylake Road from Haven Road to Clovelly Road.

8.30am – 1pm Clovelly Road from Hoylake Road to Troon Road.

8.30am – 1pm Wicklow Avenue from Emmarentia Road to Troon Road.

8.30am – 1pm Troon Road from Greenside Road to Orange Road.

8.30am – 1pm Illovo Road from Hill Rd to Orange Road.

4am – 1pm Orange Road from Troon Road to Gambia Road.

4am – 1pm Greenhill Road from Barry Hertzog Avenue to Orange Road.

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