Clucking is good for the soul

Maggie writes:

I WOULD like to respond to Cluck-cluck in Fairland.

I too have heard the recent crowing of a rooster/s but think it is absolutely wonderful. It gives a farm-like feel to the area and creates a sense of peace and tranquillity.

At the start of the crowing, my mother was already critically ill and subsequently passed away. Hearing the crowing early in the morning is the only thing that made me smile and I kept on thinking how she would have loved to hear this from her cottage.

The letter of Anonymous is factually incorrect for the following reasons:

a) A rooster/cock starts crowing at sunrise and during the course of the morning only

b) Chickens are quite intelligent, have their own personalities and can be fantastic pets, especially for children

c) The SPCA would ordinarily only involve themselves in cases of cruelty to animals, which is clearly not the case here

d) The legal definition of livestock does not include poultry. I could find no prohibition in any bylaw, regulation or statute on the keeping of chickens in a residential area.

To the chicken owners, I say: A big thank you for putting a smile on my face every morning and please pass on those free range eggs!

To Anonymous, I say: Perhaps we should rather focus on the bigger problems in the country such as the prevalence of violent crime, the economy, the constant increase in food prices etc.

Let the chickens be!

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