Northcliff resident takes you to Gwyndorr

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Life is a fantastical journey filled with magic and intrigue, and along the way you uncover truths you thought were never possible.

This is the sort of world author Joan Campbell would have you experience when you read her book, Chains of Gwyndorr.

After a publisher found her manuscript in the slush pile, Campbell’s dreams of making readers see her unique world came to fruition.

The now-published Northcliff resident said that getting to this point was no easy task, in fact, it was 10 years of harsh critics and countless declines that finally brought her success.

Campbell explained that she started out with just a concept of a story and was very naive. “I started writing the book and it took two years to write as at that time my daughters were still young.”

After numerous publishers said no to publishing her book, she had lost a little hope, but she never lost the desire to see her dreams accomplished. A fellow writer she met suggested that she turn her book into a trilogy.

The trilogy follows the lives of several characters who try to find the truth in a world that keeps the truth hidden. “It took a long time to craft the book and make it into a trilogy. The middle book had lots of information while the third book told of the consequences faced,” said Campbell.

Over the years, the author spent three days a week writing.

Campbell said she knew the lead character and what it was the character was meant to accomplish. “After that, I dropped into the story and it was like dropping into the river and seeing where it will flow,” described Campbell.

She spoke of how writing a fantasy book was something she never doubted she could do as she loved the idea of getting lost in a world that was far from her own.

The book has been published by Enclave publishing and is available online as an ebook.

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