A well-known South African comedian has come under great scrutiny after ridiculing the Wits protestors who went topless during strikes.

Three female Wits students went topless earlier this week in an attempt to calm the chaos of the ongoing #FeesMustFall saga at Wits University, but their efforts were in vain after comedian Skhumba – who is known for his fast mouth and unapologetic humour – appealed to the ladies to keep their clothes on.

Likening their breasts to saggy, wet clothing and shaming them about stretch marks, the comedian has sparked controversy throughout the nation with his insensitive comments.

“These females are showing hanging boobs that look like wet all-stars without shoe laces. Others have big tummies with silver stripes,” he said.

The Twitterverse spoke out against the local television personality, but some also came to his rescue, defending his distasteful comments.

Some social media users have explained that all the other people who were found to be the butt of Skhumba’s jokes have not sought apologies, and they don’t feel that the Wits students should be treated any differently.

Others say that he is insensitive and ignorant of women’s issues in South Africa.

Following the body-shaming jokes, a petition was started to have the radio DJ removed from Kaya FM and he has since apologised on radio for his comments.

Skhumba also wrote on social media, “I’m sorry to everyone who I’ve offended. No harm was meant on that video; I respect women and again I’m really sorry from the bottom of my heart… I hope u find it in ur heart to forgive me.”

The petition, however, has racked up thousands of signatures for his removal from the station. It has been reported that Kaya FM is in discussions regarding the petition.

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