A fun day for Fairland

The victim support unit is colourful and bright for children.


The Fairland Community Policing Forum (CPF) is planning a day of fun for the community at Berario Recreation Centre on 15 October and residents are invited to attend.

The enjoyable day, from 11am to 10pm, will be jam-packed with all sorts of fun for the whole family.

Forum member, Yasmine Miemiec, said the day is one that residents should not miss out on. “This will be great fun for the entire family and we have catered for all sorts of interests.”

The day has been put together to raise funds for the much-needed upgrades to Fairland Police Station. Miemiec explained that the police station offices are crowded and there is no kitchen.

“We ideally want to buy two prefab containers, one that can be split into three and used for offices while the other can be made into a kitchen.” She added that they also intend on generally cleaning up the area, applying a new coat of paint to the walls and revitalising the surrounds.

A victim support unit is based at the police station and means a lot to the forum. “The work that is done by the unit is very important so we want to start a fund for them so they can have extra funds to use when they have to head to cases they are called to,” added Miemeic.

On the day, there will be a host of stalls and activities for parents and children to revel in. The recreation centre will be transformed into a picnic dream equipped with a play area for the children along with a tea garden, beer garden, a night activity with an astronomer, self-defense talks and also discussions on how to reuse waste.

“There is so much to look forward to and this event is all about bringing the community together and also uplifting it through all the local stalls we will have.”

Neo Phashe

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