Where is the fibre?

As a resident of Montgomery Park, I am appalled by the fact that fibre has not been rolled out in our area yet.

To get a good Internet connection in the area is near-impossible. I write this appealing to the community [to] become active and push for fibre to be installed in the area. I find it very strange that the massive complex in the area (Calais – the only complex in Montgomery Park) and their body corporate have not even attempted to have fibre installed. The complex has hundreds of residents, alone, and I think that most of them would show some interest.

All of the neighbouring areas already have access to fibre… The solution is so simple, all you have to do is visit the Vumatel website and show interest in the area getting fibre.

I hope that my plea doesn’t fall on deaf ears and the residents of Montgomery Park show some interest in our area gaining fibre.

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