How to react effectively to a drowning

Know how you can help in a drowning situation. Photo: File.

In the unfortunate event that someone accidentally falls into a pool or has difficulty swimming, follow these safety tips:

  •  Make sure it is safe for you to enter the water first then get the victim out of the water as soon as possible.
  •  Handle the victim with care. Many submersion incidents are associated with neck injuries so keep movements of the back and neck to a minimum.
  •  Assess to see if the victim is conscious or not.
  •  Check for breathing. If the victim is not breathing, administer two slow breaths into the victim’s mouth ensuring that the victim’s chest starts to rise slightly.
  •  If the victim shows no response to the rescue breaths, start CPR. CPR is vital, even if it is an amateur administering it. Perform the manoeuvre until someone who is trained in advanced life support arrives and can take over.
  •  Call or have someone call a recognised ambulance service as soon as possible. Whoever calls for the ambulance must give the dispatcher an accurate location of the incident and a contact number at the scene.
  •  Never hang up on the operator and always return to the rescuer to inform them that you have called for help.

Details: Call 10177 for any emergency.

Chantelle Fourie
Metro Reporter

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