Mini’Lympics at Linden pool

Noah Groenewald and Mounamadou Dijgo finish their race.

Young swimmers participated at the Linrand Swimming Clubs 27th Linrand Mini’Lympics Gala.
The young swimmers part took in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.
Head coach and secretary for the gala, Penny Quinlan said that the competition had drawn entrants from as far out as Pretoria and that there were about 350 junior swimmers who competed.

“The young swimmers had lots of fun in the competition but, sadly, only the top three get medals and the fourth to eighth finalist will receive a ribbon,” she said.
She added that the gala was a chance for the swimmers who entered to get a taste of what the Olympics were like.
The event was a fast-paced affair as the swimmers dived into the 25m long pool and swam in quick succession, and since the gala was run as an officially timed event, official timekeepers looked on as the swimmers hit the edge of the pool.
The gala is open to swimmers aged six to 10 only. Parents came in their numbers to watch their children swim for glory.

Some of the high scorers were:

  • Hikaru Kashihara with 76 points
  • Cameron Kourie with 75 points
  • Nicholas Vogelzang with 71
  • Neo Lessing with 71 points
  • Niza Tambatamba with 60 points
  • Kyran van Heerden with 60 points
  • Georgia Bezuidenhout with 48 points
  • Taylin de Jong with 41 points.
Gaahele Mokgoro

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