Living in a rubbish tip

Anne Challis writes in response to Litter, litter everywhere, Week ending 1 November:
Dear Aimee
We need articles like the one you wrote in this week’s Northcliff Melville Times every week on the front page!
Our business is in Brixton which must be one of the filthiest suburbs in Johannesburg. The residents are the main culprits as they do not seem to own bins but merely put their rubbish on the streets in the hope that Pikitup will pick it up – I must say that I cannot understand why people choose to live in a large rubbish tip.
With regards to the school children – we are a few blocks down from Piet van Vuuren Primary School and these kids have no interest in not littering, in fact, they seem to delight in throwing papers etc in the street and then using the litter as footballs!
How these attitudes could be changed, I just don’t know, as there isn’t an adult who seems to care to set an example.
We do try to clean our little patch but with the wind and the pedestrians, we fight a losing battle.
* Thanks so much for your letter Anne. Again, I would like to encourage residents and businesses to organise and take part in clean-up campaigns in your area. Let us know where and when you will be cleaning up, and your community newspaper will be there to join in the cause – Aimee McGill.

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