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You will need to take extra care when travelling during the holiday period because of increased traffic volumes, congestion, fatigue and people driving in unfamiliar environments.

It’s important to be courteous and to take frequent breaks when driving long distances. Stacey Davidson, director at Redisa, said there are small habits that motorists can adopt to help remain safe on the roads. These include checking tyres regularly for punctures, cuts and bulges.

Davidson believes that improving driving habits and tyre maintenance will go a long way towards saving lives this festive season. Well-maintained tyres will keep your vehicle securely on the road, allowing it to stop, start and manoeuvre safely. For your own safety and that of others, your tyres must be in good condition, properly maintained and appropriate for your vehicle.

Follow these tips to make your travel a safe and pleasurable experience for you and others:

  •  Check your tyre pressure on a cold start or before a long journey
  •  If your tyre’s sidewall is damaged, replace it
  •  Under-inflated tyres use more fuel, so check the pressure
  •  Check that your tyre pressure is correct and equal.
Welisa Nene

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