21 years and nine albums later


WONDERboom has released its brand new single and the music video for Ooh La La.

Celebrating 21 years in the music industry, WONDERboom is one of South Africa’s longest-standing rock bands and boasts an impressive catalogue of songs, which include the hits, Never Ever, Something Wrong, Jafta Rebel and its legendary rendition of èVoid’s hit, Shadows.

Straight out of Johannesburg, the band has been showing its music and performance skills since 1996 and the group isn’t about to call it quits anytime soon.

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Ooh La La brings to life the classic rock sound fans have come to love from WONDERboom. Hitting hard from the intro with Martin Rocka’s powerful guitar riffs followed by Cito’s cool frontman vocal delivery, the four-piece band keeps rock and roll alive and well, challenging the clean pop sounds of the current mainstream music landscape.

“Ooh La La was an extremely fun video to shoot,” said Cito. “It took some acting, some miming, some tomfoolery and some serious imagination. We’ve really found a beautiful visual relationship with Roger Williams that we haven’t had in a long time.

“He just totally gets our music, our personalities and our vision. So many times we take ourselves too seriously and then totally miss the boat, being ‘cool rockstars’. Ooh La La is us in touch with our childish selves.”

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Ooh La La follows last year’s single release, Great Escape as the second track from WONDERboom’s forthcoming and ninth studio album due for release in April through Gallo Record Company.

The band has recorded a chronicle, of sorts, that shows its journey from shooting the music video against a green screen (a screen that is green in colour), which is later replaced during editing and production with desired scenery in a movie or video, to playing small instruments and enjoying a fun and relaxed music video shoot.

The music video for the band’s new song is now available on a number of music platforms for enjoyment by its fans.

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