Samson is strongest in water

Swimmers dive in at the gala.


NORTHCLIFF – Not even David and Caleb were a match for Samson in the swimming pool. His muscles and raw determination outclassed the other two, who had to leave the pool dripping with disappointment.

Even so, everyone left with a smile on their faces when Northwest Christian School held its annual inter-house swimming gala on 1 February.

The primary school in Northcliff did not disappoint the crowd of parents who came to watch. Swimmers gave their all and teammates on the sidelines cheered them on at the top of their lungs, chanting the We’re Number One and Well Done war cries, among others.

The houses are based on the Samson, David and Caleb characters from the Bible. The houses wore red, yellow and green, respectively. For many, the highlight was the fun race, where the youngest children – who were not the most able swimmers – were allowed to do a lap under the supervision of older pupils – some with the additional assistance of pool noodles and swimming boards.

It was a close gala, but Samson led for most of the day and held on to win with 367 points. Caleb came second with 344 points and David came in third with 316 points. Caleb won the spirit trophy for its members’ enthusiastic cheering.

“The children had so much fun and showed such great spirit,” said sports coordinator at the school, Gary McNab. For the principal, Bastiaen Norel it was great to see how much fun the pupils had and how geared-up they were for the day. “I love the races but the real highlight was where the big children helped the little ones, that is always great to see,” he smiled.

Nathan Elliott was the Victor Ludorum, and Zoë Lambert was the Victrix Ludorum at the gala.

Details: Northwest Christain School [email protected] or 011 476 7746.

Details: Northwest Christain School [email protected] or 011 476 7746.

Nicholas Zaal
News Editor

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