Fairland gets a calisthenics workout

Tinika Joubert shows off what the class has taught her. Photo: Supplied.

FAIRLAND – Calisthenics captain and founder of  Defianz Callisthenics, Shaun Gordon, has hosted callisthenics classes for the past three years at Berario Park.

Gordon shared with the Northcliff Melville Times why he started this free form of workout in the park and what callisthenics is.

Gordon explained that it is an umbrella term for any sort of body weight exercise which includes forms such as martial arts, gymnastics, yoga, pole dancing and acrobatics.

Also called ‘street workout’, the benefits of callisthenics is that it does not require a gym or expensive equipment to get started.

“We rely heavily on body weight exercises and you can basically train anywhere and everywhere, it also lessens the excuse of ‘gyms are so expensive’,” Gordon said.

Another benefit from this form of exercise is that because it caters to all body types and strength levels across genders, anyone can do it.

Kendra Dykman and Dennis Dvornak do some pull-ups.

The former Shaolin martial artist said the opportunities of hosting these classes in the park were vast, but the biggest opportunity was meeting some amazing new people. “It also gets people outdoors and into nature, which is always beneficial to body, mind and soul.”

As Defianz Calisthenics nears its fourth birthday, it has happily come to the realisation that it has positively affected members from the community, along with those who travel from other suburbs to exercise in a safe environment.

Kendra Dykman does a handstand. Photo: Supplied.

For residents wanting to fulfil their desire of having a fit and healthy body, Gordon concluded that when it comes to the body, there are no shortcuts, and there is no gratification like that of achieving a goal. “You are only one workout away from a great mood,” he quipped.

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