Growth and food security at Joburg Market essential for the City

JOBURG — The country’s largest fresh produce market – the City of Johannesburg’s Joburg Market, has an important role to play in stimulating local economic growth, attracting business and ensuring food security.
This is according to the City’s MMC for Finance Dr Rabelani Dagada. Ahead of his May budget speech, Dagada plans on touring the City’s entities.
At the Joburg Market, he welcomed plans to expand and reach the target of R7 billion turnover this year and increase its contribution towards food security through its Food Bank.
In line with one of the 10-point plans of the new administration, Dagada said the market should find a balance between being pro-business and pro-poor.
The Joburg Market’s acting chief executive officer, Joe Mazibuko, said about 40 per cent of all fresh produce destined for the National Fresh Produce Markets in the country are sold at the Joburg Market. An estimated 11 000 market-buyers frequent the Joburg Market on a daily basis.
Dagada added that if people can easily make their way to the market, they will easily be able to trade and earn a living as well.

“That is where the strength of the economy lies.”

MMC for Finance, Dr Rabelani Dagada. Photo: File/Chantelle Fourie.

Currently, the market serves about 5 000 farmers from across South Africa who send their fresh produce to be traded to a large buyer base which includes budding entrepreneurs who sell fruit and vegetables on the streets of Johannesburg.

The market, located in City Deep, is open to all people from Monday to Saturday and on certain public holidays. Trading starts from 5am until 11am.
Source: The City of Johannesburg website

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Chantelle Fourie
Metro Reporter

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