Linden police admit corruption, drug mess in Windsor

Public Safety MMC, Michael Sun, at the Windsor East public meeting on 11 February.

WINDSOR EAST — Tensions were high at the recent Windsor public meeting attended by City of Johannesburg‘s Public Safety MMC, Michael Sun, Linden Police Station commander, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Zaieed Musthan and members of the Metro police.

It became clear that drug abuse, overcrowding, constant noise pollution and illegal street vendors add to the many problems residents of Windsor deal with.

Complaints about police officers involved in bribery and unethical behaviour were also raised.

Musthan said he understood the dynamics of the area and he hears the community’s complaints, however, he could not investigate an officer without a sworn affidavit and statement to take action.

Residents raise questions to the officials at the 11 February public meeting in Windsor East.


“I admit there is corruption… But I will be the first to arrest corrupt officers,” he said. The station commander added that the station needed more manpower but he did not know if there was a budget for that.

Residents felt that the departments of health and social development, Metro police, police and non-profit organisations needed to work together to tackle the complex issues in Windsor.

Ward 98 councillor, Beverley Weweje, introduces City of Johannesburg Public Safety MMC, Michael Sun.


Resident Louise Mynhardt gave Sun a document outlining the issues in the ward. She said there have been previous crime clean-up operations but said the area needed police raids all of the time.

Sun said he was aware of the drug problem in the area, saying it was an issue plaguing our society and all neighbourhoods. “Metro police have limited resources, but with the refocused K9 Narcotic and Tactical Unit we are taking on drug lords,” he said.

MMC Michael Sun with Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Zaieed Musthan at a public meeting on 11 February.


Sun asked residents to help officials by sending tip-offs anonymously and said he hoped to see community initiatives such as neighbourhood watches taking place. The coming of municipal courts, courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction for a particular city or municipality, where Metro police can arrest suspects and take them directly to the magistrate instead of the South African police, were imminent.

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