Police educate schoolchildren

Sector manager, Jabulani Mabasa addresses schoolchildren of Bernard Isaacs Primary School. Photo: Supplied.


SOPHIATOWN – Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Coronationville enjoyed a morning of motivational and educational talks held by Sophiatown Police Station and its officers.

The police station will host talks at various schools all month as the officers look to advise schoolchildren on what to do when in a pressured or peer-pressure situation.

Sector manager, Jabulani Mabasa tells learners to always report crimes that occur in their communities. Photo:Supplied.

The schoolchildren gathered to listen as sector manager, Jabulani Mabasa addressed them on the dangers of drugs and bullying and how they should practice discipline.

Although the schoolchildren are not problematic, the officers thought it best to sensitise them on these dangers.

Warrant Officer, TJ de Bruyn of Sophiatown Police Station said the station has also planned parent-officer meetings to discuss the matter of children bunking school.

When Mabasa addressed the schoolboys and girls, he spoke of encouragement and challenged them to think of ways to better their future rather than ruin it with bad decisions and actions.

“You must all study hard,” he said.

Mabasa concluded with an appeal to the children to report criminal activities that either take place around their school or in their community.

Details: Sophiatown Police Station 011 670 6300.

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