The ‘bowldest’ of friendships

Moses Makata bowls for Auckland Park Bowling Club.


The best friendships stand the test of time, but one in particular, has lasted 49 years and received the Order of Good Hope from the president of South Africa.

The Weaving International Friendship Foundation, based in Jersey – the largest of the channel islands – has been organising international sports tours to South Africa since SA’s isolation era. Since 1968, rugby, cricket, ice skating, golf and bowls expeditions have been organised, and they continue to this day.

The Auckland Park Bowling Club was the last club to host a group made up completely of Jersey locals, during a recent three-week bowls tour of the country.

Players braved the rain on 3 March, donning rain jackets and hats to make a day of it on the bowling greens.

Jokes and tales were shared as friendships formed across cultural boundaries, to create a truly magical and memorable experience for all involved in the mixed fours tournament.

“In 1983, I received the Order of Good Hope from President FW de Klerk for what we’ve done and next year we will be going on 50 years,” smiled the foundation’s founder, Stuart Weaving.

Hennie Bothma, president of the local club thanked the islanders for coming.

“It has been lovely having them visit, they are truly great people,” he said.

A visitor, Denise Pallot said she had come on at least 10 bowls tours and loved South Africa, although the recent rain was a bit too much for her.

Carol Ruderham said, “We’ve had a wonderful time in South Africa. Many of us come every year because of the great friendships we create in the local communities.”

It hardly mattered at the end that the islanders had narrowly won 88–87, as everyone left in good spirits with memories to cherish.

Details: Auckland Park Bowling Club 011 782 6795.

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Nicholas Zaal
News Editor

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