Sparrows Schools’ Feed a Child for Lent campaign kicks off in Melville


The Sparrows Schools’ Feed a Child for Lent campaign is a feeding scheme that raises funds to feed the schoolchildren

While the campaign runs during the period of Lent, from 1 March to 16 April, the feeding scheme continues throughout the year.

The campaign aims to encourage the public to sponsor a meal a day for a child.

Schoolchildren enjoy a meal that has been sponsored through the Feed a Child campaign. Photo: Supplied.

Social worker Rizel van Rooyen said the campaign was established on 8 February last year after the school’s occupational therapist noticed that some of the children were off balance and later discovered that they were hungry. She then decided to investigate why the children were hungry.

“I found that they were so many reasons why the children didn’t have food. Some were completely poverty stricken and didn’t have money at home for food. Closer to the end of the month there was less food and some children travel from far at four or five in the morning. By the time they get on the transport they have already eaten their lunch for the day,” explained Van Rooyen.

She added that there are a number of special needs children who take different kinds of medication and are also required to eat before they take their medication.

Rizel van Rooyen and Lauren Bruchhausen encourage people to join their exciting campaign to feed hungry schoolchildren.

Sparrows Schools Educational Trust‘s social media and marketing coordinator Lauren Bruchhausen said that since Lent is a time to give up or take on something, they discovered that there are people willing to help others during this period.

“Hence we give them an opportunity to pay R60 a month to feed a child or sponsor them a lunchbox. That is how we started the campaign. We would like people to donate R60 a month from the beginning the year. This campaign is similar to our Educate a Child programme where a child’s schools fees are subsided at R100 a month,” said Bruchhausen.

With this campaign, children who do not get food every day become part of the feeding scheme.

This concept goes towards feeding children who do not get food every day and also puts them into the feeding scheme.

“This way you know that they are eating every day,” said Bruchhausen.

Details: Sparrows Schools head office 011 482 1015; [email protected]

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Naledi Mokoena

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