Songs in A-minor at Berario

Jessica Griffith shares a duet with her teacher, David Driver. Photo: Supplied.

Resonanze Music School brought melodic hymns to Berario Recreation Centre when they hosted their Music in the Park evening.

Guests of the memorable night, which was on 10 March, were families of the music students and community members with a great love for music.

Vocal teacher at Resonanze Music School, Adam Berfield sings at the school’s first concert for the year.

Retha Delport, the owner of the music school, which is based at the recreation centre, said the school has been there now for four years and is growing strong. She explained that the aim of the school was not only to teach music but to also build a love for the beautiful art form.

Joshua Eilertsen and Suné Botha play the violin with their teacher, Ivan Pachovski. Photo:Supplied.

The school teaches the violin, piano, vocals and drums and this year they have broadened their reach and incorporated groups and ensembles.

“The school also now has a kids’ choir as well as a community that are both slowly developing.”

Towards sunset, Berario Recreation Centre vocalists took to the stage at the Music in the Park evening.

On this particular tune-filled evening the school hosted its first concert of the year. As the school aims to train, develop and nurture their students, this night served as a way to nurture them.

“We want to expose them to performance so that they get less nervous of crowds and enjoy the art of performance making,” said Delport.

Community members and lovers of classical music gather at Berario Recreation Centre.

Delport said she hopes that places like her music school brought a great consciousness for music into the community.

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