Sparrow School makes maths easy thanks to My Maths Buddy

Staff learn how to incorporate My Maths Buddy into their lessons. Photo:Supplied

Sparrow School is grateful for the newly introduced My Maths Buddy maths dictionary.

The project was sponsored by GE Intelligent Systems and even though the school is a special needs one, it is believed that the children can be helped by it.

With South Africa probably one of the worst in terms of standard of mathematics in the Western world, the general expectation is that it will take years to raise it, as not only is our economy under stress, our politics in turmoil but our education system and standards are under strain.

The Sparrow School in Melville welcomes the new My Maths Buddy project. Photo Supplied

Last year the Department of Education allowed children to move up a grade, even when their maths results were below 20 per cent.

The One Book One Learner Project campaign manager, Teresa Russell said, “That this has even been tabled, regardless of the reasoning, is a blight on our country. ”

Paul Sondergaard, senior consultant for the project added, “It doesn’t have to be that way. We have proven that maths standards can be raised within weeks with bringing an understanding of maths terminology to learners in the most effective way possible.”

He said that if people understand something really well, it is unlikely they would fail at it.

On this basis, the project’s sole aim is an understanding of the language of maths.

“This reinforces the teacher’s ability to keep learners interested and improve application and thus results.”

Keith Marsh, a Grade 5 teacher at the school, said the dictionary, as a teaching tool, came into its own last week when his class had difficulty understanding division.

“I was able to take the learners back to the definition taught in Grade 4, and reteach the concept. The definition really helped me to explain the concept in much detail.”

The project will monitor the use of My Maths Buddy, its impact and results for the next few months.

School Principal Leona Krishna shares on the importance of My Maths Buddy project.

Russell added that the project wants to reach as many schools as possible and prove that there is an answer to the maths standards in this country, thereby showing the Department of Basic Education that it is right under their noses, and it works fast.

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