Councillor’s Corner: Is DIY public park grass cutting allowed?


This week’s question is:

Can we, as residents, go about cutting grass ourselves?

Let’s say a community initiative starts where residents fund a mass cutting in one of their parks.

Would the City support this? Would you be given a refund? Or is it not allowed?


Nicole van Dyk, Ward 99 councillor, answers:

Regarding pavements, we ask that residents maintain their own sidewalks in terms of grass cutting and communities to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their homes, a policy already in place that makes residents responsible for this task.

For public and open spaces, City Parks is always happy to assist residents who are willing to volunteer, provided they have received permission from City Parks to do the cutting – the operative word being ‘volunteer’.

It is advised that residents hold a fun day where all community members are invited to join and assist where they can.

It is worthwhile that local residents’ association adopt the park and agree to assist City Parks in maintaining it.

There will, however, be no financial reimbursement as the process is done on a voluntary basis.

These initiatives are great ways to bring communities together and build a great sense of camaraderie between each other. Regular community clean-ups are also a wonderful deterrent to crime in our parks.

Should residents spot any illegal activities taking place in the City’s open spaces, they are please urged to call 10111 or contact the head office at Florida Lake Park on 011 472 6539.

We do not support City responsibilities being fully overtaken by residents, as rates and taxes are paid by residents of the city for such things, and we hope to get to a stage, after the new budget has been determined in July, that we can allocate more resources and funding to City Parks and other entities of the City.

We would like to thank residents for their kind and energetic attitude in helping make Johannesburg a world-class city.

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Chantelle Fourie
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