Jenny Reyneke’s exhibition opens at the Henry George Gallery

An emotive piece by Jenny Reyneke. Photo: Supplied

An artist who followed her dream, reflects on her earliest memories and aspirations.

She always had a deep conviction that she would be a painter one day.

Fast forward to today, and her dream is reality.

Jenny Reyneke Photo: Supplied

Linden resident, Jenny Reyneke said she is a self-taught artist and cannot remember a time when she was not drawing.

Once she had children, her main focus was on them.

But now that they have grown up it’s easier to focus on her most cherished dream.

She’s always had ideas that needed to be expressed either through paint or ink.

“I often feel that I am not an artist but more of a channel or a medium for the art that is already out there,” she said.

“I imagine art to be a kind of ocean that I make the choice to swim in. The process of making art is more like meditation and it is deeply fulfilling to me. The act of creating restores memories, places and people to me, it is an intimate conversion between the invisible and what is made visible through the brush.”

She added that her work was not a social statement but rather symbols in moments that move her.

A haunting image in ink by Jenny Reyneke. Photo: Supplied

The talented artist describes the process of using a brush as being distinct from using ink to draw, in terms of the detail. So far she has exhibited her work in three cities.

From 16 March until 1 April she will exhibit her new series of ink drawings, In places deep, at the Henry George Gallery in Parkhurst.

“I have exhibited my work in Durban, Pretoria and Johannesburg. Some works have gone to collectors overseas. The Henry George Gallery has been absolutely incredible in granting me space to exhibit my unseen work. I feel in many ways that, though I’ve exhibited in other places, this is where I put my truth on display and this is one exhibition that counts,” she concluded.

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