These girls kick butt

Nikilya Ralitsoele, Natalie Duligal and Jenna Little all hope to reach even greater success in the sport they love the most.

Throughout history, powerful women who affected change had one thing in common – they saw the need to succeed with the odds stacked against them.

In a male dominated sport like Combat Tang Soo Do it would have been easy for Jenna Little (16), Natalie Duligal (17) and Nikilya Ralitsoele (20) to throw in the towel and think they could never hack it.

However, their passion and love for the sport have taught them discipline and patience that goes far beyond any gender stereotypes society might impose on them.

The three girls from Alchemy Dojang in Northcliff, shared their individual tales to greatness with Northcliff Melville Times.

Natalie Duligal, Nikilya Ralitsoele and Jenna Little at the recent combat Tang Soo Do and Haedong Kumdo SA championships.

Little explained that she started martial arts when she was eight years old after it was recommended to her because she had bad balance.

“I went through a stage where I wanted to quit, but my mum said [I should] at least make it to black belt, and now I don’t want to quit.”

Through the competitive sport, she has managed to qualify for four world championships which have seen her travel the world competing in what she loves.

Natalie Duligal says Tang Soo Do has helped her with her concentration.


Fellow combat woman, Duligal said because she had ADD (attention deficit disorder) the sport helped with her concentration and taught her discipline. She added that the greatest – along with all the numerous accolades – are the friendships she’s made.

“I also love that I get to travel, my best place so far has to be Las Vegas where I competed in the World Championships.”

She expressed that although it is intimidating to compete internationally, it is also exciting.

“You just tell yourself, get on with it’!”

Her hopes are to lead others by example, through positive action.

Nikilya Ralitsoele said all that Tang Soo Do needs, is patience and dedication.

Ralitsoele said the more she participated in the sport, the more she fell in love with it.

She explained that martial arts is a sport that needs patience, as you will succeed with time.

She added that martial arts has helped her a lot with confidence and highlighted her family as her biggest supporters.

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