Watch over our animals this #FreedomFriday

The NSPCA is warning local rescue shelters, local SPCAs, and residents that animals still need to be protected especially during the #FreedomFriday activities.

The nation-wide stay away will take place in various places on 7 April. South Africans have been requested to take to the streets, block highways and create a shutdown.

The NSPCA is advising that there is a sense of the complete unknown in terms of the extent and the effects. But as always, animals will be affected.

“We are asking the community to ensure that animals will not be compromised in any way.”

Above all, all SPCAs should be prepared and on standby to react and respond if any situation of concern involving an animal takes place.

“The animals depend on us.”

If a situation arises which you believe to be of sufficient urgency and seriousness to be drawn to the attention of the National Council, please do not hesitate to do so.

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Ashtyn Mackenzie

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