R10 000 reward for lost laptop



Bongani Khumalo has requested for assistance from members of the public who may have information on the whereabouts of his lost laptop.

Khumalo explained that on 31 March he went to Standard Bank opposite Randburg Square where he withdrew a large sum of money as he had many things he had to pay for on that day.

“After withdrawing the money I went to my car and was talking on the phone which distracted me. I put my laptop down, next to the car, with the money bag on top of it. During this time I received another phone call which distracted me further and that is when I got into the car and drove off without the laptop or the money bag,” he said.

The Ferndale resident said when he realised he had forgotten his laptop he returned to where he had parked but both the laptop and money bag were gone.

“As a gospel artist, songwriter and a businessman everything is inside that laptop with over 100 composed songs which I had written as well as information for my wife’s business, so there is a lot of valuable information on the laptop and I need it back,” he added.

Khumalo described his laptop as a black Lenovo and pleaded with anyone who could assist him.

“I am not worried about the money, but I desperately need the laptop returned. I am willing to pay a R10 000 reward for anyone who could assist me,” Khumalo added.

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