MUST READ: Blackie hit by a car – needs your help

Blackie was hit by a car on Friday and is in need of a R4 000 operation for his hip in order to keep him healthy and happy.

The famous beloved trio, Blackie, Brownie and their human daddy Jonathan Plaatjies were reunited on Valentine’s Day after they were separated on the pretense that they would be fed.

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Of late the unconventional family have come into some tough times on the streets of Melville. On 29 March  Blackie was allegedly stabbed by a suspect trying to rob Plaatjies. He was taken to the vet to be treated. Randburg SPCA visited him to treat the wound.

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Now it seems that Blackie has been struck by a car, when chasing a cat into the street on Friday (7 April).

Randburg SPCA was informed of the accident and immediately rushed to Plaatjies.

Senior Inspector Debbie Kegel was unable to find the trio at their usual spot. Later on Plaatjies and his dogs were found at the Melville Spar on Sunday (9 April). Blackie was limping very badly as his injury had not yet been treated and was in extreme pain.

Blackie is now at Randburg SPCA in order to have an operation performed on his hip. His brother Brownie is also with him to keep him company and so that neither dog pines for their companion.

He is expected to be operated on by the vet later on today (10 April).

As said earlier the operation will cost R4 000 this excludes three months of post operation treatment which consists of medication and rehabilitation as well as housing expenses. Blackie and Brownie will stay at SPCA Randburg for at least 3-months.

Charmaine Rowlands, a member of the Randburg SPCA Committee is pleading with the community to dig deep into their pockets to help fund the operation and treatment.

“We really need each and every person that cared so much for Blackie and Brownie before to come forward and donate towards the cost of his recovery,” added Rowlands.

Donations of food or blankets can be dropped off at the Caxton Greater Joburg North Weltevreden branch or at the Randburg SPCA in North Riding.

To donate to Blackie see the banking details below, use the reference ‘Blackie’.

SPCA Randburg

Standard Bank Randburg

Account No: 021676682

Branch code: 018005

Reference: Blackie

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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