Easter Bunny makes children smile

Children of Northcliff Pre-Primary show off their found Easter eggs. Photo: Supplied

The Easter Bunny visited Northcliff Pre-Primary and he came ready to hand out some delicious chocolate goodness to all the children.

The Easter Bunny came with eggs for all to enjoy. Photo: Supplied

The principal of the school, Jane Bingham said the anticipation and excitement of the Easter Bunny’s visit was a definite highlight at the school. Adding that the children were more excited about his visit and the Easter-egg hunt, than they were about the actual Easter eggs they received. “The older children counted down the ‘sleeps’ to his visit,” she said.

A basket full of chocolate treats. Photo: Supplied

To get ready for his much-anticipated visit, as part of their creative art activities the children made Easter hats to wear and an Easter basket to place their eggs in.

Bingham also shared that in the days leading up to his visit, the children were taught that this was a time for giving and sharing along with the joy of Easter, and family time.

Children of Northcliff Pre-Primary wear fancy dressed for the day. Photo: Supplied

On the day of the Easter Bunny’s visit, the children came in fancy dress, they also did some baking, decorated their classrooms and made their Easter hats and baskets.

“Before the Bunny’s arrival, they participated in a fun and exciting Easter-egg hunt as chocolate eggs were hidden in the playground,” said Bingham.

The children asked the Easter Bunny all sorts of questions like, Why are you so big? Do you eat lots of carrots? Can you see in the dark? Did you make all these eggs yourself?

Some of the handmade messages put up for the Easter Bunny to read. Photo: Supplied

Along with all the questions put to him the bunny also had some children concerned about his wellbeing, as they wondered if he ever got tired of having to hop around the world to see all the children.

At the end of the day, the Easter Bunny left with letters written by the Grade 0 class along with pictures drawn for him.

Kady Cullen dressed in her best bunny ears for Easter at Northcliff Pre-Primary. Photo: Supplied


Biscuits made in the shape of the Easter Bunny’s face. Photo: Supplied


Children sit in a circle to enjoy some Easter eggs together. Photo:Supplied

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