Councillor’s Corner: Why do we have to manually read smart meters in Johannesburg?


This week, Helga from Johannesburg asked:

I have asked City Power why these smart meters need to be read manually.

The previous smart meters in our area were read remotely. Why can’t City Power not do the same?


Mike Wood, Ward 104 councillor, answered:

City Power installed thousands of smart meters across the City of Johannesburg over the past few years. The smart meters have the ability to be read remotely.

However, at times there are issues with getting the electricity readings from the meters into the mainframe for billing purposes, which then necessitates a meter reader coming to manually read the meter.

There have also been instances of a need to change the SIM card in the meter due to it being faulty or a lack of mobile network to transmit the reading. The City also has a need to audit meters and over the past few years has undertaken various electricity meter audits to ensure that the billing system has the correct meter linked to a property for correct billing of usage.

Not all properties in the City have a smart meter installed yet, however, over time all properties should eventually have a smart electricity meter. Residents with smart meter queries can contact City Power on 011 490 7484 or [email protected]

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Chantelle Fourie
Metro Reporter

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