Truck still blocks Cedar Street

A truck is left on Cedar Street.

A truck has blocked off Cedar Street in Northcliff for about a month and residents have reached their boiling point over the matter.

Residents have become concerned about the trucks’ awkward positioning as it forces motorists to pass on the right side of the road, which is also an incline, towards oncoming traffic.

The truck is full of cut branches.

For motorists, driving at night on the road has become hazardous as the trucks’ reflective tape is barely noticeable.

Spokesperson for Metro police, Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar stated that according to the National Roads Act, the truck has to be removed by the owner within seven days after which Metro police can then remove the truck.

“We would have put a notice on the truck and also a ticket may have been given to the owner of the truck already,” said Minnaar.

When asked why it had taken so long to have the truck removed, Minnaar had no clear answer but said the truck should be removed by the end of next week latest.

A truck blocks off an already narrow road.

Minnaar concluded that any persons found living in the truck will be dealt with by the Department of Social Development.

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