BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan surrenders Blackie and Brownie


Blackie and Brownie have been willingly surrendered to Randburg SPCA by their owner Jonathan Plaatjies.

The story of Plaatjies and his two dogs, Blackie and Brownie, has been nothing less than heart breaking and heart warming.

For the last five years Plaatjies has spent his life off and on the streets with his two best friends in Melville.

As of late, the unconventional family have been hit with tumultuous times; from his dogs being taken away from him by a woman under the guise of wanting to feed them, to being reunited with his dogs on Valentine’s Day .

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Life however did not shine a happy light on the dogs. Blackie was allegedly stabbed above his eye on 29 March

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Then on 7 April their luck took another dive when Blackie was hit by a car after chasing after a cat.

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Randburg SPCA was able to find Blackie after a long search. He was taken to the vet as he was limping very badly due to an injury to his leg that had not yet been treated and was in extreme pain.

His ‘brother’ Brownie accompanied him, so that neither dog pined for their companion.

Blackie’s operation to his hip was successful but the road to recovery would be at least three months long. The community came together beautifully to collect money to cover the veterinary bill.

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After careful and through consideration, Randburg SPCA felt it prudent and in their best interest to discuss the future the dogs would face living on the streets.

They explained that Blackie had to be kept both warm and off his feet for at least another two months, that he would probably always walk with a limp and that his life could no longer be one on the streets.

Plaatjies had a hard decision to make: Let his best friends have a safe future or let more harm possibly come to them.

His ultimate choice, hard as it may have been, was that Blackie and Brownie deserve a better life.

According to Charmaine Rowlands of Randburg SPCA management committee,

“Jonathan, through tears, said that he understood that he was no longer able to take care of his furchildren, and willingly surrendered both Blackie and Brownie into the care of SPCA Randburg.”

The two pups are now officially available for adoption.

The Randburg SPCA will work tirelessly to make sure that both Blackie and Brownie, together, find a safe and forever home.

A relative of Plaatjies has been contacted, comment from him will be made as soon as possible.

Details: Randburg SPCA, 011 462 1610.

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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