Police use their latest crime-fighting tool in joint operation

Metro police officer arrests two suspects. Photo: Supplied.

After a spate of shootings in their precinct, Sophiatown Police Station held a joint operation with Johannesburg Metro police to combat crime.

Sophiatown Police find an unlicensed firearm in one of the cars they searched. Photo: Supplied.

The operation took place on 9 May from 5pm to 8 pm with the police conducting searches in various parts of the community. The station’s Warrant Officer TJ de Bruyn explained that the police used their latest crime-fighting tool, the MaxID.

“This is a handheld device that scans a person’s fingerprint and that is connected to the national network. It then tells you on the spot if the person is wanted or not,” said De Bruyn.

Police pin down one suspect. Photo: Supplied.

He added that it also scans vehicle registrations to see if a vehicle is stolen or not. Through this law enforcement managed to arrest two suspects on a warrant of arrest for housebreaking, theft, and theft out of a motor vehicle.

“Another suspect was arrested for possession of an unlicensed firearm. A case of possession of an unlicensed firearm was opened,” said De Bruyn.

A total of 22 addresses that were regarded as suspected drug outlets were also searched.


Sophiatown police officers handcuff one of the suspects. Photo: Supplied.


Sophiatown Police Station officers, verify a license disc with the MaxID. Photo:Supplied.


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