New crime trend hits Melville

Brixton Police Station issues a warning to motorists to be vigilant when parking their cars as a new trend of stealing hubcaps and side mirrors is sweeping through Melville. Photo: Pixabay

There is a new trend of stealing hubcaps and side mirrors sweeping through Melville.

Brixton police have issued a stern warning to motorists to be vigilant, as in the last three months, theft from motor vehicles has been on the increase.

Spokesperson for the station, Jeanette Backhoff said although this is a growing trend within their precinct, it is most prominent in Melville.

Backhoff added, “Between 1 and 11 May, 15 cases had already been reported and most of them happen during the day.”

She expressed that some incidents are not reported to the station as the victims of the theft do not have insurance.

“Members of the community are urged to report these incidents to make it possible to connect the suspects, if caught, to some of the already reported cases to make court cases stronger.”

She asked that community not park their vehicles in big open spaces or on the streets where there are no car guards to look after the vehicle.

“Brixton SAPS is having extra patrols in the problematic sectors and suspicious-looking people are stopped and searched,” concluded Backhoff.

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