Gemeenskap Pinkster Kerk and the community work together to help less fortunate

Shareen Workel and Hester Bouwer hold up donated items for their fundraising initiatives.

The Gemeenskap Pinkster Kerk (Community Pentecostal Church) hosted a fundraiser for residents in need.

The church’s Sunday school head Shareen Workel said they raised funds to donate to residents from disadvantaged homes who face challenges such as unemployment and drug addiction.

“We decided to think out of the box and come up with ways to raise funds for Sunday school,” she said. “Most of our children don’t get presents during Christmas… what we do is raise funds for that, which also goes towards a feeding scheme. We also have two large supermarkets that give us bread rolls and bread.”

Workel added that Hester Bouwer, who is the pastor’s wife and fondly known as Poppie, also packs food parcels twice a week and drops them off at these disadvantaged family homes.

“We have realised that jumble sales raise the most amount of money and we would appreciate it if the community could assist us with old clothes, bedding and children’s clothes that are always in need and things that people aren’t using,” said Workel.

She added that the latest fundraiser was well received by the community and they plan to host more in the near future.

“In previous years we initially had jumble sales for the congregation and didn’t have extras such as jumping castles and selling food. You should see the children’s faces when they go on the jumping castles and we will try to also get a candy floss machine for them too,” concluded Bouwer.

Details: Shareen Workel 078 580 2688.

Naledi Mokoena

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