Hotel Hope Ministries receives a wonderful donation

Furniture Express co-owner and marketing sales coordinator Lucy-Anne Monaspursky stands next to some of the cots donated to Hotel Hope Ministries.


Hotel Hope Ministries is an organisation that appreciates all the assistance it can get for the abandoned and orphaned babies who are under their care.

The organisation was delighted to have 10 new cots donated to their third home which is still under construction in Westdene. Furniture Express co-owner and marketing sales coordinator Lucy-Anne Monaspursky said a friend who works at the Angel Network facilitated the interaction with Hotel Hope and they were informed about their need of cots.

Furniture Express members Newton Makaripe, Leanne Liezl and Lucky Liezl work together to assemble a cot.

“We thought that this was an absolutely fantastic opportunity for our furniture store to help those who are less privileged than we are and we are also very happy to have been able to donate the cots,” said Monaspursky. “I’m in absolute awe at how the Angel Network and Hotel Hope impact people’s lives. It was quite emotional to come here and see these children, who are the lucky ones, and it was a privilege to help.”

She said the cots are made for newborn babies and can be used up to the age of two. She added that she was glad it will make a difference in the children’s lives.

The Angel Network provides support to thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children in the country by working with over 50 non-profit organisations and outreach centres.

Angel Network founder Glynne Wolman said that she started her non-profit organisation through social media in order to help those in need. They initially started collecting items that could be donated to charities and individuals who need them.

Organisations work together to take care of abandoned and vulnerable children.

Hotel Hope Ministries director Oliver Quambusch said that the City has approved that 18 children can live in their new location, which was the biggest hurdle.

“Our entire organisation will be expanding from 31 children to 49. The date on which we will move in is still to be confirmed. The outpouring of generosity is something we greatly appreciate from those who made this donation possible,” concluded Quambusch.

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Details: Hotel Hope Ministries 011 484 4000.


Naledi Mokoena

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