Cleveland Police Station warns elderly residents to be more vigilant

Captain Johan Jordaan of Cleveland Police Station.

Cleveland Police Station has warned elderly residents to be careful of suspicious persons wanting to enter their residences and those lurking around the area.

“We are urging them to phone the Cleveland Police Station if they notice any suspicious persons or activities in the areas that they live so that the police can prevent attacks on them,” said spokesperson for Cleveland Police Station, Captain Johan Jordaan.

Jordaan said a 65-Year-old woman was allegedly attacked in her house at Kensington recently.

“She was [allegedly] assaulted by the perpetrators. They tied her hands with a rope before they took her belongings,” Jordaan said.

He said criminals see the elderly residents as soft targets.

“We believe that we, as the younger generation, must look after our senior residents. Many of our old people stay alone and our neighbours must please contact the Cleveland Police Station if there is a problem.”

Details: 10111.


Mbavhalelo Malofha

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