Immunisation Day at Cubby House Preschool

Nurse Isaac Phutu injects Iviwe Matikinca while teacher Sharon Konstantinou is there to support her.

The Cubby House Preschool children had an opportunity to be vaccinated during their Immunisation Day at the school in Fairland.

The day formed part of the Gauteng Provincial Health Department’s Measles Vaccination Campaign taking place from 15 May until 30 June.

The brave preschool children, and teachers and nurses after the immunisation process.

The preschool’s owner and teacher Sharon Konstantinou said they prepared the schoolchildren beforehand by telling them what immunisation was and the importance of getting it done.

“I explained to the children that it is a little sore which helps prepare them for the experience,” said Konstantinou.

Berario Clinic nurses were present to administer the immunisation and nurse Isaac Phutu said they were immunising children from the ages of six months until 15 years during the campaign.

“Measles is a virus that can infect adults and children,” he said. “It is easily spread and can cause symptoms such as high fever, coughing, runny nose and a rash. We encourage immunisation because it boosts the immune system and for children to develop antibodies that fight other viruses and diseases.”

Nurse Isaac Phutu injects Chase Cowen on Immunisation Day.

As the children anticipated getting their injections, they were more excited about being given a marshmallow at the end of their experience.

On of the children, Chase Cowan said he was aware that injections were to make you feel better and was happy that his teacher was sitting with him while he got immunised. He added that he was also glad that he got a marshmallow at the end.

“I want to be a doctor one day so I can also give injections,” he said.

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