King David hosts a mini sport fest

Joshua Berman of King David and Jaden Castle of Sandton Sinai collide in a soccer game.

Youngsters competed in various physical, technical and mental aspects when King David Primary School Victory Park hosted Sandton Sinai for a Mini Sports Festival.

The festival on 29 May was a friendly, with unrecorded results, and the children only participated in three sports. But the youngsters were forced to use all of their skill and focus to succeed.

The netball court, soccer fields, and chess hall were abuzz with activity on the day as children excitedly stretched their bodies and minds.

“The festival is for children to learn about sport, have fun, form friendships and show sportsmanship,” said King David’s sports coordinator, Keifer Govender, looking to promote a healthy take on sports at a young age.

The spirit of the day was truly captured when, after a netball match the King David girls lined up in front of the Sandton Sinai girls and sang a warcry celebrating their opponent’s skill and performance in the game.

There were no official winners on the day and no trophies to take home, but everybody had fun and left with a better understanding of what sport is all about.

Details: King David Primary School Victory Park [email protected]; 011 446 7870.

Nicholas Zaal
News Editor

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