Northcliff’s Spamalot will have you in stitches

Prepare to take yourself on a journey through medieval England which will have your tummy cramping in laughter from Northcliff High School‘s hilarious production of Monty Python’s Spamalot.

The gala evening performance of Spamalot on 31 May had the audience in stitches as actors perfectly pulled off the dry British humour synonymous with Monty Python productions.

Fans of the comic series will not be disappointed as King Arthur (Matthew Vey) painstakingly tries to recruit knights for his very, very round table.

Arthur ‘rides’ onto stage ahead of his servant Patsy (Declan McCullough) clopping two coconut shells together to mimic the sound of galloping horse hooves. The king is instructed by the voice of God (depicted by a projection of a pair of legs in a dress) to search for the Holy Grail. From thereon, the ridiculous voyage for the gold cup beings.

Along the way, the pair meet the amusing Sir Robin (Luke Wessels) who has a grim collection of plague-ridden bodies, and stunningly handsome but exceedingly violent Sir Lancelot (Josh Randall). The two men agree to join the round table.

Despite being told by the Lady of the Lake (Philippa Thompson) of his destiny and retrieving the Excalibur, poor Arthur has trouble convincing anyone that he is King of England. Sir Bedevere (Kyle Thompson) and Sir Galahad (Ross Anderson) join the bunch of misfits to search for the Holy Grail.

Throughout the play, nonsensical scenes have the audience in tears at the shear ridiculousness. Aside from a troupe of brilliantly talented actors, the production rises above the typical high school production with music conducted by Matthew Vlok.

Costumes and stage sets are out of this world and complement well-executed stage lighting. The play does not stray away from the original plot including songs which are perfectly performed. Young actors achieve the quintessential British, Scottish and French accents and dialects making the production all the more authentically funny.

Northcliff High School does not disappoint and this is one production you would not want to miss.


The play runs from 31 May to 3 June, tickets are R70 and can be bought at the school’s reception.

Details: Northcliff High School, 011 476 1544

Ashtyn Mackenzie

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