Hursthill gets a patroller project

Brixton Police Station, with the aid of ADT will roll out a new patroller project in Hursthill.

Brixton Police Station is starting patroller projects in various communities.

The station’s spokesperson, Jeanette Backhoff said with the help of members of the community, together with sector managers, the project will be started in Hursthill.

“ADT is one of the security companies we approached to assist with the project and they donated batons and pepper spray for the patrollers.”

Backhoff added the project will ensure students and residents are safer on the streets. She also commended the efforts of all community members and security companies who constantly strive to make the community better.

In a separate matter, the station has been experiencing an increase in theft out of motor vehicles due to the remote jamming at smaller neighbourhood shopping centres, in residential streets and popular public spaces.

“Criminals block the signal from your car remote with remote jammers, preventing your car from actually locking, and then help themselves to the contents of your car and boot,” said Backhoff. She added that the station had been able to place an anti-jamming device at the underground parking at 27 Boxes in Melville recently.

She explained this device will set off an alarm if any jamming device is detected when a car is being locked.

“The golden rule is to always physically check [by pulling on your car door handle] that your car is, in fact, locked, no matter where you park or for how long,” advised Backhoff.

Here are some safety tips:

  • When locking your car by remote, ensure the car actually locks, especially when parking in public areas. The familiar ‘beep’ sound or flashing lights are not good enough. Physically check before walking away.
  • Do not travel with handbags, laptops, sunglasses, GPS devices or cellphones visible or on the seat.
  • When approaching an intersection or a traffic light, take care to remain fully aware of street vendors or loiterers in the area. If you absolutely must communicate with anyone, open your window just wide enough to talk but not to allow a hand inside.
  • Leave enough space between you and the car ahead to make sure you can get away if needed. You should be able to see the tyres of the car in front of you for enough space.
  • Vary the route you take to work and back if possible and also vary arrival and departure times.
  • Do not open your garage doors until your gates are closed and latched.
  • Keep an eye out for any cars on the street or driving past as you come home.
  • Limit your trips at night or at least try and take someone with you.
Neo Phashe

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