MUST READ: Westdene robber caught in the act and assaulted

Dauw Steyn, chairperson of the Sophiatown Neighbourhood Watch asks victim Elizabeth Matsoso if she sustained any injuries.

A young woman was held up at knifepoint near Westdene Cycles for her cellphone shortly before passers-by got hold of the suspect, beat him and fled the scene.

According to the victim, Elizabeth Matsoso, the suspect confronted her on Perth Road just after 9am this morning.

She said he demanded her cellphone when occupants in a Quantum minibus exited the vehicle and allegedly began assaulting him.


When the Northcliff Melville Times  (NMT) arrived on scene, a shaken up Matsoso was drinking a glass of water while a crowd of passers-by circled the bleeding suspect.

Matsoso’s phone was returned to her after the man was allegedly assaulted.

The knife during the robbery was also taken from the suspect by security officers and once police arrived he was arrested and taken to the Sophiatown police station.


Westdene robber

A member of the security company that confiscated the suspect’s knife on scene.


Matsoso tearily walked to the Sophiatown Community Service Centre accompanied by NMT and Dauw Steyn, chairperson of the Sophiatown Neighbourhood watch to give her statement. Steyn then spoke to the Sophiatown police station commander, Brigadier Susan Crafford, about counselling for the victim who said she will look into it and also mentioned that more such services will soon be available at the station.

More comment on the matter will follow once the victim’s statement has been taken.


WATCH: The injured suspect being taken to the police van.


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